Why Boston?

City of Notions

Boston is one of the most historically significant cities in the nation. Often called the hub of the universe, Boston was founded in 1630 and, in our humble opinion, is the greatest city.

A History of Game Development

Ever since 1961 when “Spacewar!” was developed at MIT for the PDP-1, Boston has been building a history of game development. Some of the best games and franchises in the industry have been built in Boston. From shooters, MMOs, and CCGs to music games and RPGS, game development is a passion for our city.

The Cradle of Liberty

World-class educational institutions, historical significance, and excellent outdoor activities. There’s always something to learn and do.

City of Champions

Although sports are part of the culture, in this town, it deserves its own paragraph. Boston has the most storied franchises in sports, from the Red Sox and Celtics to the Bruins and Patriots. Ball, pigskin, or puck, there is a championship-caliber team to root for!

America’s Walking City

You have easy walking access to great restaurants, shops, and gorgeous green areas from our studio. Cambridge is ranked the most walkable city by Governing.com

A City of Neighborhoods

A big city that feels like a small town. There’s a sense of community throughout Boston and the neighboring suburbs. There’s at least one neighborhood that’s perfect for you.

Public Transportation

Whether by bike, boat, bus, or train, it’s easy to get around the city and makes daily commutes a piece of cake. Or, maybe that’s a piece of Boston Cream Pie.