New Ownership of Demiurge Studios: An Exciting Return to Our Roots

Over the past 18 years, Demiurge has had the honor of working for many of the world’s best game companies to release award-winning and fan-favorite games. Demiurge contributed to legends like Borderlands, Rock Band, and Mass Effect. We’ve worked across platforms from console to PC and mobile. We’ve created free-to-play titles with big licenses like Marvel Puzzle Quest and SEGA Heroes. We’ve built incredible technology platforms and developed an industry-leading mobile games-as-a-service live operations practice.

In 2015 we joined the SEGA family of studios. It has been an amazing ride with SEGA over the past five years, working with iconic IP to create a wonderful portfolio of free to play mobile games.

Today marks another milestone for Demiurge Studios.

Demiurge Studios will return to its roots. Albert Reed, one of our studio’s founders, leads a team that has acquired the studio from SEGA Corporation. General Manager Bart Simon becomes CEO and continues to lead one of the most experienced and talented teams in the industry.

We can’t be more excited to embark on this new yet familiar adventure as we return to Demiurge’s foundation. We will continue our unrivaled tradition of partnering with world-class game developers and publishers to release fantastic games that players love.

18 years of making great games for great gamers…and we’re just getting started!


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Marvel Puzzle Quest Might Just Be My Forever Game

It’s been a heckuva year. Actually - it’s been an interesting seven years. Since Marvel Puzzle Quest launched we’ve seen two “next-gen” console generations, massive changes in mobile games and hardware, and a global pandemic. To put things in perspective - Marvel Puzzle Quest appeared on the PS3 and XBox 360, and worked on the iPhone 3gs. Through all of these changes we’ve been steadily improving and growing our game, and it’s gratifying to see that work is appreciated.

Contributing editor Peter Rubin takes a moment to reflect on his time with MPQ in WIRED, and as dedicated players ourselves it strikes a chord. Thanks to all of our longtime fans - we’re honored that you’ve chosen to spend the past seven years with us!