Titan Quest

Client: Iron Lore Entertainment

Demiurge Studios worked with Iron Lore Entertainment on the final stages of their first release, Titan Quest. Set in the mythical worlds of ancient Greece and Egypt, Titan Quest is an all-new action role-playing game that delivers amazing visuals and fast-action gameplay. Players will set forth on their journey in a world of legend, to do battle against the most classic of evils.

As Iron Lore Entertainment entered the final months of development, they faced the same staffing challenges that every developer deals with. The intensity of the Alpha-Beta-Ship cycle meant that more developers were needed, but meeting the demands of the steep staffing curve was not possible. Demiurge Studios was able to jump into the project on short notice, solve a combination of difficult technical challenges and implement key features that were critical to ship.

The first task Iron Lore handed off to Demiurge was research and implementation of memory optimization, to meet requirements for target min-spec machines. This translates to increased sales, benefiting developer and publisher alike. Demiurge also streamlined the mod-creation process by making Iron Lore’s world-building toolset run standalone outside of their office. Finally, the Demiurge Studios team created the installers for both the retail and demo versions of Titan Quest. Sourcing these projects to Demiurge enabled the Iron Lore Entertainment team to focus on squashing bugs and polishing gameplay even further.