Frontlines: Fuel of War

Client: Kaos Studios

Frontlines: Fuel of War is an exciting look at an oil-strapped future, where nation-conglomerates battle for the remains of earth’s natural resources. With custom weapons loadouts, remote-controlled drones and the innovative “frontlines” battle system, Fuel of War will satisfy even the most demanding FPS nut.

Demiurge Studios was brought in to aid with console/PC memory and performance issues. Since Frontlines is built upon Unreal Engine 3, we were quickly able to step in and begin solving problems – Demiurge has been consulting on the Unreal Engine since 2001. We drew up a comprehensive plan for optimizations on both content and code fronts, and went to work. Compiler debugging, Vista enhancements, material/shader improvements, and texture/animation recompression were just some of the tasks that Demiurge successfully proposed and executed on. In addition, Demiurge augmented the downloadable content system and implemented the PC leaderboards & achievements for Fuel of War.