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Check out the amazing photographs taken by the talented Tom Lin, Creative Director here at Demiurge, as a part of our research for Green Day: Rock Band! Tom and ten other Demiurgers went to see the band live and were even able to see the venue during sound check. The photos served to inform our creative team on the look and feel of a live Green Day concert, including props and equipment onstage, lighting, and overall style. Tom and Dave were allowed into the press pit for the first few songs and got some fantastic up-close shots! The background visuals were spectacular and the set was constantly changing, which provided a really good reference for what the team wanted to create in the game.

Some stellar quotes from the people who were there:

“Green Day's live show was incredible - they put on a great performance and the crowd responds with a huge amount of energy. Capturing the connection between the band and the audience was my biggest goal. The photos just can't capture the intensity of being there, though. And taking reference of the backstage set with the band practicing 10 feet away is an experience that's tough to top!” – Tom Lin

“Working in the pit was wicked. It was like sticking your head into the loudest engine you could imagine. You couldn't even hear the crowd.” – Dave Flamburis

“Going to the concert gave us a really high bar to try and achieve - it totally inspired us to capture the awesome performance we saw and translate that experience into the game so that diehard Green Day fans could know we really cared about the band, and also people who aren't necessarily Green Day fans could appreciate them more.” - Justin Lokey

AND…. the photos are works of art in and of themselves!!! Take a look at even more photos on our flickr page!

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