DINO Jam Weekend

2 26th April 2010 Justin Lokey

This past weekend, April 24-25, some Demiurgers attended the DINO Jam, hosted by DINO and the Sprout space in Somerville, MA. We were given very open-ended instructions to create "something interactive" in 22 hours, and then demo it at the end of the Jam.

Coming into the Jam, we had hopes of creating a piece of software that would be socially-aware and encourage the improvement of our community. Brainstorming started with turning a neat iPhone App, Citizens Connect, into a game with a rewards system for reporting potholes around the Greater Boston area. The brainstorm session quickly devolved from high-brow, community-driven, socially-aware, and other such hyphenated buzzwords into poo jokes. Once you venture into potty humor territory, there’s no turning back.

We settled on making a game featuring small birds that propel themselves with fecal expulsions. It's a two player game in which you compete to regurgitate the most berries into your nest. With your bowels only filled with so much propulsion material, you must fly around and collect berries to keep yourself afloat. You must be careful to not use all of your digested berries on flying around the level, since you must conserve some of it for your offspring.

We used the Box2D physics engine for maximum poo physics, and Popcap Games' SexyApp Framework for maximum… sexiness. Created by a team of 5 Demiurge dudes and an audio recruit from the Jam, it was an exciting weekend filled with delicious food, good company, and way too many poo jokes.

We'll post some gameplay video as soon as we get our crap (har!) together. Also, there were a bunch of other impressive projects created during the Jam, which we'll link as soon as it's available. In the mean time, any title suggestions for our game? We never got around to finding the appropriate pun.


Those birds, even the one’s covered in poop, make me very happy.

i saw them there in a row and thought, “that would be a great wall border for my hypothetical future child’s room! Or my home office…

and I think this proves that things only get better when they devolve. I’d prefer a game about pooping birds to potholes any day.

hopefully it will playable online or downloadable soon?

Nov 15, 2011

working on the licensing stuff, since we used open source tools… also, video production has been not fun, as audio hasn’t been recording properly (the poo sounds are ESSENTIAL!)

Nov 15, 2011

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